BRSCC ClubSport Trophy

45-minute mini-endurance racing for 1 or 2 drivers sharing 1 race car. A single entry fee of only £320 includes membership and series registration


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About the BRSCC ClubSport Trophy

New for 2019 / 2020

Welcome to the COBRA MOTORSPORT sponsored BRSCC ClubSport Trophy, a new multi-class format of production car racing which allows drivers to share race cars ranging from a Porsche Boxster to a Citroen C1 and everything in between a chance to dice it out on track together, in a manner that allows each and every car competing a true chance to be competitive and win their class.

For many drivers, getting on track in a cost-effective and competitive nature can sometimes prove difficult, especially when looking for cars and series that allow a wide variety of marques and models to compete.

Cost: £320 Inc Membership & Registration

The structure of the BRSCC ClubSport Trophy will see a 20 minute qualifying session followed by a 45 minute “mini-endurance” race, with a mandatory pitstop and two driver combinations encouraged. With an all-in entry fee per round of just £320.00 (including series registration and membership), that means a two-driver entry could share 65 minutes of track time for just £160.00 each!

For competitors already racing at the event in another BRSCC formula, we offer a reduced entry fee of just £295.00

Class Structure

Cars will be separated into one of five classes, all of which will be determined by a car’s power to weight ratio. This is perfect for any driver who races in any of the multitude of saloon, sports and production car based championships and series, with the majority of marques welcome on the grid. Not only is this ideal for anyone looking to ease their way into the sport using something as simple as a hatchback or small saloon car, but it can also set you up to climb further up the ladder to one of our many popular one make championships.

A – Elite 206 – 235 bhp/tonne
B – Sport Pro 176 – 205 bhp/tonne
C – Sport 156 – 175 bhp/tonne
D – Club 136 – 155 bhp/tonne
E – Track 0 – 135 bhp/tonne

Invitational Class: Any car that in the opinion of the series organiser does not fit within the general description, or the above class structure.

Eligibility & Scrutineering

With a designated technical partner in Dyno Driven at each event to accurately calculate and manage the power to weight ratios of competing cars, and a tightly controlled and thoroughly developed set of regulations, all of this combined ensures that the ClubSport Trophy provides an exciting, cost effective and, above all else, fair series for all drivers to compete in.

Whether you’re a complete novice, a track-day enthusiast, a regular championship racer who wants to try something different or a seasoned veteran that just wants to have some fun out on the racetrack, the ClubSport Trophy can deliver all of this and more!

Awards & Prizes

Trophies will be presented to the Class winners of each race, subject to a minimum entry of 2 per class

At each ClubSport Trophy event COBRA MOTORSPORT will be awarding a COBRA SEBRING PRO Race Seat & Seat Mounts worth £650 to one of our entrants.

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1 - (Sat 27th) 27 Jul 2019 - 28 Jul 2019 Brands Hatch Indy Event
2 - (Sat 19th) 19 Oct 2019 - 20 Oct 2019 Donington Park National Event


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